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Injection Molding

Pyramids Technology is a leading provider for high-quality plastic injection molding products and services to OEMs and emerging high-tech partners. We are specialized for your most challenging molded plastic specificationsthrough the comprehensive quality assurance system and inspection facilities to assure your expectation will be fulfilled.We not only meet your requirements but we are alsolooking for value added improvement on your product for further cost saving and market competition. 

Pyramids Technology Injection Molding processing capabilities include:

  • Capable of prototyping quantity or low-volume production quantities.
  • Early in-house engineering and design evaluation like case study, DFM, scientific molding, and moldflow analysisfor design flexibility and to eliminate the need of additional operation and cost.
  • Dedicated project management with periodically Design for Manufacturability (DFM)report from our 60 more engineers.
  • We suggest our clients for material selection to maintain part tolerances standard and tooling reliability,
  • Improving part strength and structure to assure the quality, reliability and integrity of the end product.


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