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Scientific Molding

Pyramids Technology applies cutting edge systematic scientific molding principles to control and optimize the key factors, such as velocity for producing the mold, to analyze and interpret the data for consistency, reliable, and repeatable parts.

The added values that we benefit to clients from scientific molding:

  • Consistent, precision, and qualification parts.
  • Higher yield rate and circle time by process optimization.
  • Higher efficiency and less defection molding process.
  • Cost saving for development, materials consumption, and production.
  • Prevent or minimize the potential quality issues.

Taking the advantages of scientific molding, the problems are detected and fixed in the process. We collect the data and represent the chart analysis for key factors include:

  • Fill time and peak pressure in velocity control.
  • Viscosity and pressurization
  • Constantly pressure hold and the time of which.
  • Injection and cavity pressure record analysis.
  • Pressure lose study
  • Cavity balance
  • Gate sealed.

Pyramids engineering service helps our clients with competitive advantages of quality part design by implementing scientific injection molding to save the time and cost. Contact us for your project inquiry.