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Materials Selection

Material selection covers multiple factors including the component design, molding technology and facility, application requirements, customer price targets, and after secondary operations. The right materials selection will affect your product strength, appearance, environmental resistance, product life time, and cost dramatically when plastics applied to industries widely. Pyramids Technology expertise supports molding materials from commodity to engineering grades and recommending the right type and right grade resin by our experience understanding of the product application as which has to be taken into account.

Pyramids Technology is an engineering and prototyping service company with innovative engineers and technicians to help with your product materials selection.

  • Reduction of part failure and scrap ratio.
  • Facilitate operation efficiency.
  • Withstands end-use environment with longer life time.
  • Ensure product quality at the most cost effective level.


Pyramids Technology will assist with your plastic injection molding materials selection to optimize your product quality with comparative advantages in your markets. Contact us for more details of your potential inquiry.